YES Campaign Propaganda

9 09 2014

YES Propaganda

I’ve just read this latest blurb published by the propaganda department working for the Scottish Referendum’s Yes campaign that is  clearly hell-bent on destroying the UK. It begins (I can’t be bothered to quote the whole lot) like this:

“Westminster’s most distrusted politicians ever

Tue, 09/09/2014 – 13:53

Commenting on the extraordinary development of David Cameron, Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg abandoning Prime Minister’s Questions and coming to Scotland tomorrow in a last minute panicked reaction to Yes surging in the polls, First Minister Alex Salmond said:

“The No campaign is in complete and utter disarray, and they are making this farce up as they go along

“”The message of this extraordinary, last minute reaction is that the Westminster elite are in a state of absolute panic as the ground in Scotland shifts under their feet….”

With an issue of national importance, were the YES campaigners really under the naïve illusion that as the referendum date creeps closer, that leaders of our nation wouldn’t visit Scotland? Why does it have to be construed as “last minute panicked reaction”? I see it as nothing of the sort. I see it as politicians doing their job.

And on another subject… the NHS…anyone in Scotland who says that there will be a better health service if Scotland goes it alone. Dream on. It may have its faults but the NHS is there when we need it. I have been at a hospital’s A &E serious trauma unit for five hours today and witnessed the NHS at its very best. In an over-stretched department, with one consultant working his butt off whilst remaining calm and thoroughly profession, I felt proud to be part of a nation with this fantastic service…and a bit proud to be British.

Let’s hope that the silent majority is not swayed by the revolting propaganda machine of the YES campaigners. Because that is all they are spewing out: propaganda.



…as you know W, I disagree with you, and it’s hard for me because I regard you as a friend. Independence, in my opinion is NOT the answer. But there is an alternative. For too long governments have been voted in on a minority vote. Something like 30%, if that, of the population turn out on polling day. We get what we deserve. Sadly a swathe of the population now are more interested in their iphones, ipads, digital this and mobile that, than having a voice about our country and how it is governed. Those people, in effect, have been dumbed down and behave (fortunately for the propaganda-makers) like sheep. But our strong collective voices need to be heard if we are to have a truly representational government. I do not believe that most people are right wing or left wing, we’re more in the middle. And, like the Suffragettes, we need to make ourselves heard so that we can create a proper democracy. I feel totally disenfranchised and sometimes, jokingly, feel there should be independence for Surrey. Other people may feel the same way about Yorkshire, Shropshire and Oxford. But it wouldn’t work…in the same way an independent Scotland won’t work. Economy of Scale comes to mind.

To threaten us with Boris and Nigel is a blackmailing strategy to gather quick, cheap votes. The time is here, now, for us ALL to do our bit in order to make fundamental changes, then we won’t get your Borises or Nigels of this world. Boris, by the way, can’t even sort himself out an airport.

As for the government only just sitting up and taking note, isn’t that the way it’s always happened, throughout history? A tad too late? I don’t think so. Perhaps we should be thanking the YES bunch for stirring it up. But that is all it is, stirring it up. Not an exit. It’s a new beginning for the whole of the UK with a government that might start listening.







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