‘YES’ Voters and their Campaign of Hate

19 08 2014

I’ve only just come across this article published in The Herald in June this year about comments made by veteran BBC presenter Jeremy Paxman in which he talks about the hate that’s being stirred up by a section of Scottish ‘Yes’ voters against the English, and for which he was severely criticised.


But, this month, we witnessed exactly what Paxman predicted. During our journey back from the Outer Hebrides, as we drove and stopped off in places on the Scottish mainland, we witnessed the numbers of ‘Yes’ voters in cafes and public places aggressively holding forth  about the ‘bloody English’. I found it really worrying. This forthcoming referendum appears to be turning into an opportunity for a section of the Scottish population to air their grievances in the form of an orchestrated hate campaign.

That is worrying.




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