The Twilight Connection – my new WordPress Blog Book

31 07 2012
Here’s a link to my new book, published on Blurb, called ‘The Twilight Connection, Monica Weller’s Blog, January to July 2012’.
Robert Pattinson, star of Twilight is my nephew.
The Twilight Connection, Monica Weller’s Blog book is a unique insight into filmstar Robert Pattinson’s ancestry by his aunt Monica Weller. Monica is a freelance writer and photographer and author of ‘Ruth Ellis My Sister’s Secret Life’ amongst other titles. Many family histories are not recorded and disappear in time until someone else researches it. In view of this family member’s current popularity, as a writer she felt she should record this for the future. Many families drift apart for many reasons, sometimes feuds – in this case partly created by the intrusion of the press. Over the past few years since Robert’s rise to fame Monica has been doorstepped by journalists and has been quoted and mis-quoted in newspapers.

“This book is meant as a record of how I see part of our family, as it is now. We are shaped by our roots. Who knows what the future holds? Who would ever have thought that my sister Clare, the little girl in the red-coloured dress who you can see in the Preview here, would become the mother of a Hollywood superstar! The book also contains lots of mentions of the Outer Hebrides. Even Woody’s Express Parcels gets a mention!”.

The book is published in hardback and as an e-book.

Photograph taken in West Loch Tarbert, Isle of Harris

Monica Weller



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1 08 2012
Mary E

Hey! I should check out this book of yours. 😉

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